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Online Mixing and Mastering

Have your recordings mixed and mastered via web upload without leaving your house.

We offer a large variety of vintage analog outboard, the latest digital technology and years of experience to get the best results from your songs.

The studio equipment has been chosen for the purpose of recording, mixing and mastering to a high level of broadcast.

Our online mixing and mastering service offers a more accessible, convenient and green studio experience by providing musicians and producers anywhere in the world with a great mix via the web.

DDA console

Using the Online Mixing/Mastering services

So we know what you want your song to sound like, its good to send as much information as possible: send a rough mix and tell us what you like and don’t like about it and/or send a commercially released reference song that you like the sound of. Instructions like these will give us a snapshot of what you’re expecting and what you want.

Before you submit your audio files, you’ll need to contact us via email so your shared online client folder can be set up.

Prices are calculated according to the duration of the song and the number of audio tracks within your session files. One mix revision is included as part of the package, giving you the chance to get every detail of your mix just right for you.

Once it’s all locked in, there are four easy steps to get your mix:

  1. Upload all the audio files for the songs, ep or album to your account folder (I’ll provide all the details). Create separate folders for each song where you can also upload rough mixes and/or reference material.

  2. Email us with the number of multi-tracks, number of songs and all the information you can about your reference material.

  3. Pay a 50% deposit for your job via direct deposit or PayPal and your mixed songs as MP3 files will be uploaded gradually into your account folder for you to listen to.

  4. You then have one revision mix if you want anything changed. The final full format mix will be uploaded to your account folder once the balance of payment is received.