Harvest Recordings | Create, Record, Mix, Master and Nurture your music projects


Harvest Recordings was established by recording engineer/producer Ben Moore and offers a range of services including music production, studio recording, mixing, mastering and live recording.

After 30 years in the music industry, Ben has worked alongside many renowned and talented artists in the fields of pop, indie-rock, folk, jazz, punk, world and classical music. He continues to pursue his passion; facilitating and contributing to the writing, recording, producing and mixing of music projects and bringing the best of old and new technology to fuse with the raw and organic process of music-making.

Ben’s career credits are many and varied covering studio engineering/producing/mixing, live recording, live mixing, sound design and commercials as well as 10 years of teaching music production. Here are a select few of the artists Ben has worked with over the years:

Iggy Pop and the Stooges – Sarah Blasko – Leonardo‚Äôs Bride – Steve Kilbey (The Church) – Cloud Control – Tim Rogers – Le Pie –  Siva Pacifica – The Sunnyboys – Diesel – Finn Brothers – Sol Seppy – Moaning Lisa – Jak Housden (The Badloves) – Holidays On Ice – The Fauves – David Lane – Girlfriend – Liz Martin – Evan Dando – Robyn Loau – El Grande – Galapagos Duck – Don Burrows – Timothy James Bowen – Montaigne – Darina Rollinsova (Czech Rep.) – and many many more…