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Equipment list

Mic preamps

(2) Neve 1084’s

Siemens V72 valve mic preamp

(6) RFT RFZ East German V781 & V741 preamps

Trident Series 65 Console

(8) Midas XL48 preamps

(4) UA preamps




Neumann vintage U47 tube mic (1960)

(2) Neumann vintage U87’s (early 70’s)

(2) Neumann Km84’s

Neumann Km85

(2) Coles 4038 Ribbons

AEA R84 Ribbon mic

Gefell MV692 with UM70

Gefell MV692 with M70

(2) Milab DC-63’s LDC

Lewitt DTP640 REX

Yamaha Subkick

Beyer M201n

(2) Milab CM-22

(2) Shure SM7b

(3)  Shure SM57’s

(3) Shure SM58’s


Retro STA Level compressor

AWA Big 1A compressor

George Massenburg GML 8200 EQ


(2) Empirical Labs ELX8 compressors

API 2500 stereo compressor

Al Smart C1 dual/stereo compressor

Al Smart C2 dual/stereo compressor

(2) g-Pultec EQ

(2) Neve 1084 eq’s

Roland RE301 Tape Echo




UAD 2 Quad processor card, UAD Satellite and Apollo Quad. Plugins include;

Manley Massive Passive EQ – Neve 88rs channel – Neve 1073 – API Legacy console strip – Lexicon 224 reverb – AMS RMX16 Reverb – Ampex ATR 102 – EMT 250 reverb – SSL buss compressor – Thermionic Culture Vulture – LA2A – 1176 – Pultecs – Fairchild 670 – Roland Dimension D – Cambridge EQ – Precision Desser – LA3A compressor – Precission multiband limiter – Helios and UA eq… and so on.

Computer and Converters

Apogee Symphony IO converters

Protools HD 10

UAD 2 Quad card

UAD 2 Satellite Quad

UA Apollo Quad

Mac Pro 8 core computer with dual cinema screens

Studio 11


Event Opals

Genelec 8030’s

Beyerdynamic and isolation headphones

NS10’s and Neumann KH120 monitors also available.